1200 East 1st Street, Carterville, Missouri 64835, United States

(417) 673-2616

City Hall Staff

City Administrator, William Cline


William has served the City since 2006. He first served as Chief of Police for 9 years and became the City Administrator in 2015. In addition he has held the title as the city's floodplain administrator, emergency manager, and grant writer. 

City Clerk, Debbie Cornell


Debbie has served the city since the year 2000 and has held the roles of City Clerk, Treasurer, Court Clerk, and many other roles throughout the years.  

City Collector, Gretchen Boykin


Gretchen joined the city in 2007 and has been the city's  Utility Clerk since that time. She also has the responsibility of taking all requests for service and issuing work orders to our Public Works Department.