1200 East 1st Street, Carterville, Missouri 64835, United States

(417) 673-2616

Carterville Fire Department

Station 51

 The  City of Carterville as well as the outlying areas are served by the  dedicated firefighters of the Carterville Fire Department. These brave  public servants are well trained, equipped, and ready to handle the  needs of our community. Lead by Chief Ryan Wiles, his department  provides the following services to our community with a 100% VOLUNTEER  force: 

Fire Suppression
Emergency Medical Response
Rescue – Extrication
Hazardous Conditions Response
Service Calls and Agency Assists
Public Education/Fire and Storm Safety
Community Risk Reduction and Fire Prevention
Non-Emergency Public Assistance
Community-wide Event Support
Mutual Aid for Surrounding Fire Districts


 While the City has a strong and ever growing relationship with the  Carterville Fire Department, they serve as an independent department and  dictate they're own policies, staffing, and expenditures. For more  information on Station 51, please visit their Face Book site.

Station 51 Facebook