1200 East 1st Street, Carterville, Missouri 64835, United States

(417) 673-2616

Municipal Sewer system


The City of Carterville maintains its own sewer system and sewage is treated at the Centercreek Wastewater Treatment Plant in Webb City.

 The city budgets just over 1/3 of the annual sewer revenue for dues paid to Centercreek WWTP.

Sewer Billing

The minimum monthly sewer bill is $17.53 and usage charges are based on

a three month average of the customers water usage. 

Due to heavy water use in the summer, the city will calculate annual averages early in the

year to get the best base average and avoid high bills for our customers.

Bills are issued by the city each month as a portion of the water bill and are

paid at the City Hall Office or by mail.