1200 East 1st Street, Carterville, Missouri 64835, United States

(417) 673-2616

Carterville Municipal Water


The City of Carterville services both our city residents as well as contract water sales for rural

customers. Bills for water service are issued monthly based on a minimum bill of $20.74+

usage beyond 100cu ft. The bills are due by the 20th of each month and late fees are assessed

after the due date. Shut-off for non payment will occur on the 24th at 5pm. Customers who

fail to pay by the shut-off date will be assessed a $35.00 shut-off/administrative fee regardless

of if the water has been physically shut off.

To begin water service all customers are required to bring the follow items to City Hall....

Rental Customers $100.00 deposit + rental agreement

Home Owners $30.00 deposit + proof of purchase


We ask that residents please refrain from tampering with water meter pits in any way as damage could occur, this includes shutting off service at the meter. If a leak does occur please report the issue to us and we will have an employee en route to assist you. After hours issues may be reported to the Police Department and they will advise the on-call employee.

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